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by Lazylonewolf March 22, 2012

I think I should have included Hibi-Hibi covering her eyes, then I just figured that she didn't use flash...

Sorry about the delay I know I should have finished it by Monday but I was distracted. Last week when I was taking a shower I felt a frigging lump on the right side of my neck so I got myself checked out at the hospital.

As far as I know, lumps to me is equal to cancer, so you can imagine I freaked out a little.

Honestly though I'm not afraid of dying or wanting to, but I'm more scared of the pain than anything else. Apparently I have tuberculosis on my lymph node. Sounds serious but thankfully it's not. So I have medication for 6 months that I'll have to take daily, with a side effect of turning my pee orange... I don't think I'm gonna drink orange juice for a long while, heh.

And I've decided to transfer to another college. I've felt for a long time that I'm not really an artist, or at least I only know or like one thing to draw, comics, which kinda sucks for being a Multimedia Artist. I'm thinking of either something to do with Computers, Video games, or Airplane Maintenance, though I'm leaning towards Airplane Maintenance right now. Gonna have to review as my math and chemistry is rusty, yeesh. Then again I really do love planes. :D