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Why'd you stop updating the old Cat Nine?
Read this journal.

Why did you name it Cat Nine: Take Two?
It's not a sequel, it's a second attempt.

When do you actually update?
At least once a week. I try to make them around my schedule. Delays are usually caused by stuff from school and friends coming over.

How do I use the search bar?
When searching for a specific page, add quotes (i.e. "Page 3") for better results. Also works when typing a character's dialogue but can't seem to remember what page.

What do you use to draw the comic?
Adobe Flash CS4. I used to make it with CS5, but my laptop can't keep up with it. It just feels much more natural to me when I'm drawing than working on it in Photoshop. Plus I can do animations if I wanted to. Originally, it was so I can get some practice done on making animations.

Why don't you do animations anymore?
They take a lot of friggin time to plan and execute. BUT if it makes something funnier or awesomer, heck I'll do it. It's probably gonna cause a delay though.

What does the Transcribe/Improve button do? And what's Oh No Robot?
To make a transcription of the comic displayed. Oh No Robot is a transcription service for webcomics, and when a comic's transcribed, you can use it to search for a specific comic in the archives, just by typing something about the comic, or what a character said. Basically, it's the comic in text form. And they're also used for the random(?!) comics button. It's obviously gonna be important when there are a lot of pages. I won't transcribe them myself as I think it's gonna give people something to do here. Or maybe I'm lazy.

Did you design all of this?
Yep. The drawing, writing, html, css, everything by me. Even if it's hard or time consuming, I love working alone. If you've anything to suggest, just say so! Oh yeah, remember to donate, or better yet, advertise!

Where's the forum?
I'll start one when there's a need for it.

Will Myan and Keith be "together"?
Hell no.

Wanna exchange links?
Only if I want to, most probably a no.

Hey there, I wanna advertise something, put this banner yadda yadda...
Comic Genesis doesn't allow other ads here sorry. But you can use the leaderboard ad below by Project Wonderful!

The other ads are too NSFW for me!
Just deal with it. Project Wonderful doesn't allow pornographic ads and websites anyway.

I want to submit fanart/comics? Can I?
Go right ahead! Remember 1024x768 is the maximum size, if it goes over I'll resize it.I'll only accept it if it's:

  1. Cat Nine related
  2. In jpg,gif or png format
  3. Nothing overtly sexual or violent
If it all checks out, good for you!

Hey I wanna suggest a story...
No. Get your own webcomic, it'll probably be better.

Any tips for a budding artist/writer?
NEVER GIVE UP. I promise you that this is the most important tip of them all. And ALWAYS leave some time to practice. Don't get hurt by criticism, or rather, USE criticism to improve. Never think that you'll never be as good as others, or that this "right now" is the height of your skills. Oh yeah, get the book "Drawing on the Right Side of The Brain" by Betty Edwards. If you don't have it, GET.IT.NOW. Or better yet ,enroll in one of her classes, cause I can't. :(

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