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Status: Open

Commissions done: 3


All commissions will be priced accordingly depending on difficulty and time spent. In any case, the minimum price is $10. I accept commissions for artworks and comics. You can also just message me if you want a new product in the Zazzle Store or deviantArt so you can just buy it directly from there. I do not accept requests for anything bordering on pornography. Fanservice is okay but I might add fees. I only accept payments through Paypal.


  1. Send me the details of what you want and be specific as much as possible! The most important questions are, who are they, what do they look like, what are they wearing, what are they doing, what's their expression and pose, what's their personality and where are they(if with backgrounds). If you can provide or point out to reference pictures/drawings it will help a lot. Contrary to popular belief, artists don't know how to draw everything, but we still try.
  2. I will make a quick thumbnail and send it to you for approval then I'll then send the quote to you.
  3. You can check the current progress of the commission in this page.
  4. After the commission is finished I'll send you an email which will contain a heavily watermarked thumbnail of the image and a payment request from Paypal. After the fee has been paid, I will then send the file either through email, or if you want to buy it from deviantArt, that's fine too.
  5. I WILL add the commission to the Zazzle Store unless you specify that you don't want to.
  6. I will also add it to my gallery, but it will have a watermark of course.


All commissions are for your personal use only. You can do whatever you want with it except if it involves making any money from it. I maintain the copyright for any images I create. Any characters in the images are the intellectual property of their creators.

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