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by Lazylonewolf May 6, 2012

Vote pic!
I guess that's Keith's revenge for Myan scalping him two times already. Too bad he broke his cat.

A little bit late, but I assure you that I'll at least update four times a month. Added a lot of stuff, like the mirror sites for Take Two, and a donation button, you know, just in case someone out there likes my comic enough to give a little back. Or maybe just wait for the store...

Added a Scribol module below the vote and old Cat Nine buttons. Feel free to check it if there's anything interesting! If more people click them, the more traffic you'll bring in!

I'm trying to explore methods for free advertising since ComicGenesis' support isn't the same anymore when I started the old Cat Nine. Used to get a lot of readers from the pogs(from here) and the newsbox(the box on the left featuring other CG comics). I've actually made a newsbox for Take Two, but no one's approved or even disapproved it since October 2011. This is why I want to update the old site with something as you have to update if you want your newsbox to show up. Even with just the old Cat Nine showing up on the newsbox, I'll draw in some readers. I might update it with redone pages and new episode title pages from Take Two.