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We Talked About This Last Night

by Lazylonewolf September 8, 2012

Again sorry for the long delay. I had a cold, fixed my life a bit, made a commission, found real love in drawing, etcetera etcetera.

I bumped the quality up and returned to using more traditional cel-shading again.

I guess one of the other reasons for these delays is me still not taking the comic seriously. That changed when I started making small amounts of money right now. It just didn't feel right if I didn't give it my best you know?

Also I'm frustrated about all the mistakes that I keep making especially in drawing figures which saps the fun. I still love making comics, but I hate that that it just takes too much time. That changed too, now I take it as a challenge and inspiration to improve further.

I also started learning Eskrima a few weeks ago and I think that helped too. I (lightly)sparred without knowing any unarmed moves so my hits were weak, but the real reason I realized is because my heart wasn't in it as I didn't want to hurt them. It didn't help that I'm a pacifist, maybe even a coward too.